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Peter Wagon Painting
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As mentioned on the site towards the end of his life Peter Wagon suffered from Alzheimers and to support the work they are doing, �5 from the sale of every print will be sent to the Alzheimers Research UK.

More details of the donation to Alzheimers Research UK.

Grovehill Chronicle, written by Ruth Clinch, contains several of Peter's drawings.
The Grovehill Chronicle

Time's Highway written by Elizabeth Buteux and published by The Dacorum Heritage Trust in 1998 includes copies of some 26 drawings by Peter of Hemel Hemsptead Old Town.

Times Highway can be purchased from Dacorum Heritage Trust and is a valuable addition to any collection of books about Hemel Hemsptead and its history.

Copy of Time's Highway cover reproduced by permission of the author, Elizabeth Buteux.

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Peter Wagon Fine Arts


In response to enquiries we are please to offer a service that will allow original Peter Wagon Paintings to be advertised on this website for a small fee.

Any originals currently for sale can be seen here.

The offer is subject to the following conditions:
  • A single image of a painting plus a limited amount of text describing the painting will be displayed:
    • for as long as this website, Peter Wagon Fine Arts is functional or
    • until we receive instructions from the owner/advertiser that the painting has been sold or
    • until we receive instructions from the owner/advertiser to terminate advertising the painting on this website or
    • we fail to get response to emails from us enquiring about the status of the sale
  • There is no implied guarantee that the painting will sell through being advertised on this website
  • The painting must be legally owned by the person advertising the painting for sale
  • The seller must provide an email address or telephone number that will be displayed on the website for interested parties to use to contact the seller
  • PWFA cannot be held responsible for any communications, wanted or unwanted, that arise from the display of seller's contact information on this website
  • It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the account relating to the email address displayed is valid and monitored
  • Once posted on the website all communications regarding the sale will be between the seller and any interested parties, PWFA will not participate in the sale negotiations
  • It is the seller's responsibility to inform us that a sale has occurred and they wish the offer to be removed from the website
  • We will only respond to emails from the email address originally used to contact us regarding the advertisement
  • The fee for advertising will be £11.50, of which £5 will be donated to Alzheimers Research UK
  • The seller shall supply an image of the painting for sale, plus any details they have of the subject matter and the history of the painting, if know
  • PWFA cannot be held responsible for the quality of reproduction of the image when displayed on a computer screen or other display device
  • PWFA reserves the right to change or discontinue this service at any time
  • This service is offered soley for original Peter Wagon Paintings NOT for prints

If you would like to be included on a list of persons interested in any Peter Wagon originals that come up for sale send us an email and we will notify you when any paintings are being advertised on the website.

Click on the 'Buy Now' button to advertise your original Peter Wagon painting on Peter Wagon Fine Arts.


After placing your order via PayPal you will be directed back to the Peter Wagon Fine Arts Website where you will be provided with further instructions.